Security Services in Hamilton & the Nearby Areas

At Third Watch Protection Services, we pride ourselves on fulfilling our security services to our valued clients. Our experienced security guard company goes to great lengths to provide the security you need to have peace of mind. We ensure that our clients are more than satisfied that they are receiving the protection they need.

Security Services

Third Watch Protection is dedicated to providing quality security services to our clients throughout Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe. Our security guards are trained to recognize problems and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Security Guards Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek

Sectors We Work In

We are equipped to take care of all of your security needs. Industries such as Construction, Industrial, Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Concierge Services are a few of the sectors that we are experienced in.

Service Regions

We are dedicated to providing experienced, quality and reliable security services. We primarily work with clients throughout the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster, Dundas and surrounding communities.

Why Choose Third Watch Protection Services?

To provide unsurpassed security, we strive to gain an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients. We customize initial security plans for our clients and maintain contact to stay abreast of our clients’ changing needs. We distribute semi-annual questionnaires to maintain a constructive dialogue and to assure that no aspect large or small can fly under the radar.

We pride ourselves on fulfilling our commitments to our clients. We go to great lengths to provide the security you need to have peace of mind. We ensures that our clients are more than satisfied that they are receiving the protection they need. There are no hidden fees. There are no reasons to stay awake at night worrying about your business.

Third Watch is there to protect your investment at the times when you cannot be there.

Reliable, Trusted Security Services

We know that your business is unique and that it is very important to you. Third Watch will meet with you to evaluate your business and recommend the security service that is best for you.

Third Watch Protection Services vows to provide you with the best service, and we will always provide you with timely reports before requesting payment. Our goal is to provide the protection your business requires so that you have peace of mind.

As a leading security company in Hamilton and serving the nearby communities, we are here to work for you, at all times.

Third Watch Protection Services provides a variety of services, and we strive to offer unsurpassed security at a reasonable cost. We customize security plans to the requirements of individual clients to provide the best security possible. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Competitive Prices

With many long-term service contracts, these prices include the cost of guards’ equipment as well as administration costs. For customized services, prices are negotiable. Our competitive prices offer you a tremendous service for a reasonable investment. Third Watch wants to change the way people perceive security – it should be affordable, reliable, and worth your investment!

Security Guards

We offer security and patrol guards to monitor your business. Guards are required to follow the policies and regulations your business has in place. The guards will regularly conduct a full inspection of the premises and will scan codes at certain checkpoints at predetermined intervals.

Should trespassers be found on your premises, the guards will take appropriate measures to eliminate any threats. Guards will also issue parking notice violation to any vehicles that are on the premises illegally. Guards will submit activity reports at the end of every shift to provide you with peace of mind. Should an incident occur, the guards will contact their mobile supervisor and our team will efficiently diffuse the situation.

Mobile Patrol

Our licensed security guards provide mobile patrol services for a wide range of businesses in the Greater Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe region.

Our guards will render mobile patrols to your business at specified intervals. They will remain on your property for 15-20 minutes in a highly visible, marked vehicle. Should they recognize anything suspicious, our mobile patrol guards will remain on your premises to investigate. If they identify a threat, they will contact their mobile supervisor, law enforcement, and the primary key holder.

Alarm Response

Should your alarm go off, our mobile guards will respond to the call quickly. Third Watch Protection Services will dispatch our guards in a highly visible, marked vehicle to attend to any potential crisis. Once on site, the mobile guard will conduct a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your premises to determine the cause of the alarm.

If the guard determines the alarm was triggered by a trespasser, the guard will contact their mobile supervisor, law enforcement, and the primary key holder to explain the incident. Any time your alarm goes off, you will receive a mobile alarm response report for your records.

Home & Neighbourhood Patrol

Third Watch Protection Services offers mobile patrol to inspect your home while you are away. Guards will conduct a full inspection of your home and scan codes at certain checkpoints. Guards will submit daily activity reports to provide you with peace of mind.

Your neighbourhood is like an extension of your home. It’s the place where your children play with other children, where you walk the dog and have block parties. In neighbourhoods that are made up of working families, the neighbourhood as a whole becomes most vulnerable during the day. Property theft and burglary is a growing concern in some communities throughout the Hamilton and surrounding areas.


The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton have engaged the services of Third Watch Protection Services for the past few months. They have been reliable and detailed in their reports. Third Watch has been very flexible in meeting our needs.

Third Watch patrols a number of our locations after hours and locks our mausoleums. We have received compliments from our visitors regarding how respectfully Third Watch treats them when visiting their loved ones.

We have been very pleased with Third Watch and would readily recommend them.

Arthur Smith
Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton
Director of Cemeteries

Third Watch Protection Services diligently monitor my work sites, and have for years.

They work tirelessly at keeping my sites safe. They work hand in hand with the local authorities when needed, and provide me with the highest level of protection.

Anthony Valeri
Valery Homes / Valery Properties Principal