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Onsite Security Guard Services in Hamilton and Nearby Areas

At Third Watch Protection Services, we pride ourselves on fulfilling our security services to our valued clients. Our experienced security guard company has over 20 years experience and goes to great lengths to provide the security you need to have peace of mind. We ensure that our clients are more than satisfied that they are receiving the protection they need.

Security Services

We are dedicated to providing quality security services to our clients throughout Hamilton & the Golden Horseshoe. Our security guards are trained to recognize problems and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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Security Guards Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek

Sectors We Work In

We are equipped to take care of all of your security needs. Industries such as Construction, Industrial, Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Concierge Services are a few of the sectors that we are experienced in.

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Service Regions

Service Regions

We are dedicated to providing experienced, quality and reliable security services. We primarily work with clients throughout the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, Stoney Creek and nearby communities.

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Why Choose Third Watch Protection Services?

To provide unsurpassed security, we strive to gain an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients. We customize initial security plans for our clients and maintain contact to stay abreast of our clients’ changing needs. We distribute semi-annual questionnaires to maintain a constructive dialogue and to assure that no aspect large or small can fly under the radar.

We pride ourselves on fulfilling our commitments to our clients. We go to great lengths to provide the security you need to have peace of mind. We ensures that our clients are more than satisfied that they are receiving the protection they need. There are no hidden fees. There are no reasons to stay awake at night worrying about your business.Third Watch is there to protect your investment at the times when you cannot be there.

Price Transparency

Third Watch provides excellent security at an affordable rate. We provide our clients with fixed rates that don’t include hidden fees. We detail all security activities and provide clients with comprehensive invoices that confirm services have been rendered.

Our Promise and Guarantee

Third Watch Protection Services promises to listen to, understand and realize the needs of our clients and partners. By providing you with what you require, we guarantee you will be satisfied.

Security Guards

We offer security and patrol guards to monitor your business. Guards are required to follow the policies and regulations your business has in place. The guards will regularly conduct a full inspection of the premises and will scan codes at certain checkpoints at predetermined intervals.

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Mobile Patrols

Our guards will render mobile patrols to your business at specified intervals. They will remain on your property for 15-20 minutes in a highly visible, marked vehicle. Should they recognize anything suspicious, our mobile patrol guards will remain on your premises to investigate. If they identify a threat, they will contact their mobile supervisor, law enforcement, and the primary key holder.

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Third Watch Protection Services | Security Guard Services in Hamilton

Alarm Response

Should your alarm go off, our mobile guards will respond to the call quickly. Third Watch Protection Services will dispatch our guards in a highly visible, marked vehicle to attend to any potential crisis. Once on site, the mobile guard will conduct a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your premises to determine the cause of the alarm.

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Concierge Security Services

Each condominium in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area is considered its own small community and run in its own manner. However, what stays the same is the need to provide better safety to all residents and guests. If your current concierge security providers fail to provide this safety in any capacity on more than one occasion, you have a duty to your residents to act in their best interests to find a more qualified provider.

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The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton have engaged the services of Third Watch Protection Services for the past few months. They have been reliable and detailed in their reports. Third Watch has been very flexible in meeting our needs.

Third Watch patrols a number of our locations after hours and locks our mausoleums. We have received compliments from our visitors regarding how respectfully Third Watch treats them when visiting their loved ones.

We have been very pleased with Third Watch and would readily recommend them.

Arthur Smith
Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton
Director of Cemeteries

Nexus Management Inc. is a Brand Commercial Property Management company with over 20 years experience in the industry.

We take pride in creating relationships with companies that go above and beyond their industry standard level of service.

Third Watch Protection Services is professional, reliable and detailed when performing nightly security patrols, which is communicated daily via electronic reporting.

We would recommend Third Watch to anyone who requires protection services.

Karen Bartley
Nexus Management Inc. / Property Director