Vigilant Security Services in Hamilton

Third Watch team members are professional and personable. We take the time to completely understand what our partners need, and then we work diligently to surpass their expectations of how we can play our role in their success.

In order to provide the best possible security, we begin by designing customized security plans for our clients. Naturally, as our partners grow and evolve, so do their needs. Therefore, we maintain frequent communication. When your needs change, Third Watch will be there to customize a new security plan for your most current requirements.

Although Owner and CEO Michael Rose has vast experience, Third Watch is a fairly new initiative. We are young, eager, and growing. Being a smaller company, we provide the diligent service that some of our larger competitors have become too big to offer. Simply put, Third Watch works to outperform its competitors to provide first-class security for our clients. In fact, we thrive on customer satisfaction.

As our partners grow, Third Watch grows with them, providing further security to suit their new needs and gaining referrals to our partners’ partners. Through customized security plans and ever-vigilant security personnel, Third Watch continues to provide the best security and great value to our clients.

It is our mission to be faithful to our core values:

  1. To be professional in all our actions
  2. To provide reliable security
  3. To produce high-quality work
  4. To earn the trust and dedication of our clients.

Management Principles:

Third Watch Protection Services is guided by the following principles:

  1. To satisfy our clients’ needs by providing high-quality products and services
  2. To contribute to the safety of the community through training and protection
  3. To build a company, through the efforts of self-motivated employees, for which all stakeholders are proud. Everyone from the most recently hired guard to the CEO should be proud of their efforts and the efforts of the entire organization.

At Third Watch, if a security guard fails in his or her duties, then management failed to provide the guard with ample resources. We will acknowledge this to our clients and work to ensure the same failure does not happen again.

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