Licensed Security Guard Company in Hamilton

How do you protect your property? For many homeowners and commercial property managers, it’s about locking doors and windows and controlling building access to prevent intruders from trespassing, stealing, and posing security threats. But are these measures enough?

The fast-growing city of Hamilton is home to some of Ontario’s most promising neighbourhoods and businesses — but the rapid urbanization also means a higher crime rate and increased threats to public safety. While preventative security measures are necessary, you need the added layer of protection that only a professional security guard company can provide. Third Watch Protection is proud to equip you with licensed security guards trained in mobile patrols, threat detection, and emergency alarm response to prevent losses and property damage.

Security Guards You Can Trust in Hamilton

Partner with our licensed security guard company to secure your property, adhere to safety requirements of regular operations and protect customers, staff, and residents from the risk of common accidents and crimes. Third Watch Security is fully equipped to provide on-site security, mobile patrol, and fast emergency response to commercial and residential properties to ensure productivity and comfort.

Our professional security guards specialize in asset protection and loss prevention. Trained to identify security risks and assess threats, respond to alarms, and establish a proactive security presence, they can quickly deter criminal activity and prevent expensive property damage and losses. Trust our security guard company to tailor a comprehensive security plan according to your property size, surrounding public safety threats, and budget.

Protection Services in Hamilton

Third Watch Security specializes in a range of essential security services to proactively protect your property and neutralize threats. Our licensed and fully equipped security guard company provides on-site security, patrol services, building access control, and fast emergency response in coordination with local authorities to restore safety and normal operations.

Licensed On-Site Security Guards

Third Watch Protection trains and deploys licensed security guards to your home or business to manage building safety. With on-site security, you’re guaranteed regular site inspections, along with constant security system and alarm monitoring for fast emergency and crime response. Promote the well-being of customers, staff, and residents through effective access control, and prevent property damage and expensive losses by deterring criminal activity.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol service is a cost-effective alternative to full-time building security. Designate mobile patrols for after-hours perimeter checks, or security presence during high-risk periods. Our mobile patrol security guards will arrive in clearly marked and highly visible vehicles to conduct thorough site inspections, deter crimes, and alert local law enforcement if doors and locks appear to be tampered with.

Alarm Response

Our licensed security guards are trained to monitor security and alarm systems, responding to alerts right away. They will inspect the cause for the alarm, contain the threat, and initiate emergency response protocols, such as building evacuation and alerting local authorities. Our one-click RSPNDR dispatch system directs security personnel and emergency response providers to your location to de-escalate the situation and restore normal building operations as soon as possible.

Home and Neighbourhood Security Watch

Your safety starts at home — and it goes beyond locked doors and windows. Third Watch Protection offers residential security and neighbourhood patrol services to prevent thieves and burglars from entering your property, and help you sleep soundly at night. Book additional vacation watch services for perimeter patrols and indoor inspections, and deter criminal activity that typically happens when homes are left unattended.

Fire Watch Security

Prevent destructive fires from causing extensive property damage and life-threatening injuries to staff, customers, and residents. Establish a fire watch security program that includes regular fire drills, building inspections, and fire alarm monitoring for fire prevention and fast emergency response. Our licensed security guards are trained to respond to fire alarms, assist in fire containment, and initiate building evacuation and search and rescue operations to contain the threat of fire-related damage.

Lock and Unlock Security Services

Control access to your office building, warehouse, or store, and restrict entry only to authorized personnel. Prevent trespassing and property crime, thanks to state-of-the-art access control management systems and responsive on-site and mobile patrol security. Our licensed security guards are trained in effective access control and keyholding services, so foot traffic flows normally, while threats are immediately stopped at the gates.

Parking Lot Security and Enforcement

Proper parking is a major problem in growing cities like Hamilton, and they’re often caused by unauthorized vehicles taking up space in designated lots. Maintain order, traffic flow, and customer safety with the help of experienced parking lot security guards who control lot access, inspect the grounds for suspicious activity, and register violations by drivers with unpaid or expired passes. Our licensed security guards are also happy to assist customers through a safewalk program, as well as contact emergency assistance for lost keys and vehicle breakdowns.

Security Solutions for Hamilton Industries

At Third Watch Protection, our licensed security guards are proud to provide tailored security solutions to a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial facilities in Hamilton. Our security consultants assess your unique security requirements and recommend a mix of on-site security guards, mobile patrols, and alarm monitoring and response based on your safety requirements and budget.

  • Private homes and entire neighbourhoods, condos, apartments, and concierge services
  • Office buildings and other commercial properties
  • Construction sites and industrial facilities
  • Schools
  • Film and TV production sets
  • Cemeteries and mausoleums
  • Parking lots
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Retail locations.

Trust Our Licensed Security Guards in Hamilton

At the core of our leading security solutions is excellent customer experience. Third Watch Protection is dedicated to establishing a deep familiarity with your property, so we can recommend the right security solutions to protect assets and personnel based on identified security risks. Trust us to continue innovating our security solutions and ensure your safety as threats evolve.

  • Transparent pricing: our quotes for security services are affordable and upfront, with no hidden charges.
  • Custom solutions: we develop a custom security plan based on the type and size of your property, regular operations, budget, and location, and assign licensed security guards for on-site and mobile patrol services.
  • Risk assessment: we continue to assess evolving risks in your community to identify threats that an upgraded security plan and state-of-the-art technology can respond to, preventing crime and losses.

To learn more about security services designed for Hamilton residents and businesses, call Third Watch Protection at 1-888-444-5232, or contact us here to book a free security consultation.

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