Private Security Company in Hamilton

The philosophy of Third Watch Protection Services follows the following eight principles:

  • Respect for Human Rights
    • Third Watch has built a corporate culture founded on respect for ALL individuals. This includes people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. Third Watch has a hands-free policy – no member of the Third Watch team will become physical with any member of the public.
  • Confidentiality
    • We certify that all private information we come across while completing our duties will be held in the strictest confidence. Third Watch will protect our partners’ information and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Employees sign contracts with Third Watch to attest to their confidentiality.
  • The Environment
    • We endeavour to preserve the environment, aiming to make green decisions in every aspect of our corporate activities to ensure that future generations will inherit our beautiful province.
  • Work Ethics
    • We conduct our duties in the spirit of sincerity and fairness based on a strong sense of ethics.
  • Health and Safety
    • We promote healthy lifestyles to our employees by creating an environment that strives for health and safety. Employees are required to complete training courses through the Ministry of Labour – Worker Health and Safety Awareness and Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness.
  • Clients/Partners
    • We work diligently to design customized security strategies for all our clients based on their unique needs.
  • Communication
    • To ensure that we best fulfill the needs of our clients, we schedule monthly meetings to ensure a healthy dialogue exists. As your needs change, we aim to respond swiftly and appropriately.
    • We believe that it is extremely important to keep an open dialogue with our clients. We will schedule a monthly meeting, so we are on the same page. In addition, senior managers will be making an unscheduled visit to the site to check up on the security guards and site inspection.
  • Employees
    • To create a healthy environment and to ensure worker satisfaction, we encourage free dialogue with our employees. We strive to learn their challenges and successes and use their feedback to innovate, to become stronger and to grow as an organization. On a biannual basis, we re-evaluate employees to sure that they are following procedure and working to represent Third Watch appropriately. Moreover, senior managers make unscheduled visits to our clients to inspect our security personnel and ensure customer satisfaction. Employees of Third Watch Protection Services are required to carry themselves to the highest level when on duty.
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