Licensed Security Guard Company in Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is home to some of the most quaint neighbourhoods, booming independent businesses, and well-loved historic sites in Ontario. With its proximity to Hamilton’s city center, it’s no wonder that this community has grown into one of the best places to work and live in the region. But these exciting developments and growing traffic also highlight the need for a renewed focus on safety and loss prevention.

Physical security is a key component of a safe community, but is your property as secure as it should be? Third Watch Protection offers a comprehensive suite of security services to protect assets and people that matter most. Our licensed security guards maintain a strong security presence to deter any suspicious and criminal activity, patrol your property, and respond to any emergency.

Guaranteed Protection Services in Stoney Creek

Third Watch Protection is your partner for state-of-the-art security and safety. Our licensed security agency is dedicated to securing commercial and residential properties to prevent emergencies and costly losses. Trust us to provide reliable private security in the face of the most common threats to public safety,

Our private security services guarantee on-site security, proactive patrolling, and emergency alarm response. We tailor these services based on your location, identified security risks, and activity periods, to ensure effective surveillance and threat monitoring at a cost you can sustain. By maintaining a highly visible security presence, we can deter any criminal activity and ensure the safety of your customers, staff, and residents, and restore normal building operations in case of an emergency.

Your Private Security Guard in Stoney Creek

Third Watch Protection is Stoney Creek’s leading private security company. We train, equip, and deploy licensed security guards to commercial and residential properties to provide on-site security, conduct mobile patrols, and respond to emergency alerts and initiate safety protocols. Our security solutions are tailored to your needs and budget so that you can count on cost-effective and sustainable protection.

Licensed Security Guards

We assign licensed security guards to your property for 24/7 on-site security and short-term event security. By establishing a strong security presence, our security guards can help deter common crimes and threats like trespassing, theft, and vandalism, and detect the first sign of threat to apprehend it quickly.

Proactive Mobile Patrols

Is your location relatively low-risk and only requires routine inspections? Our scheduled and random mobile patrol service is a more affordable alternative to 24/7 on-site security. Establish security presence when it matters most — such as after-hours when the property is unattended, or during peak activity periods. Our licensed security guards will arrive in highly visible and clearly marked patrol cars, and inspect the perimeter and interiors to detect any sign of break-in or tampering, and deter similar suspicious activity.

Emergency Alarm Response

Our full suite of protection and private security services are not designed to simply act on emerging security incidents. Much of the work our licensed security guards do is preventive, which includes proactive alarm and security system monitoring. Based on identified threats, they can activate the one-click RSPNDR dispatch system to call for emergency assistance, locate the source of the threat, and contain it, with the help of local law enforcement.

Home and Neighbourhood Security Watch

Safety starts at home. Protect the well-being of loved ones and the value of important assets with effective home security and surveillance. More than keeping doors and windows locked at night, or while you’re away, our licensed security guards will patrol your property and the entire neighbourhood to deter break-ins and theft. Book our vacation watch security service to stay incognito while you’re away — prevent unauthorized entry and appliance emergencies with routine interior checks and mail pick-ups.

Fire Watch Security

The risk of fire is too big and expensive to ignore — partner with us to identify risks in your electrical system, storage of hazardous materials, and ageing fire alarms. Working with fire marshalls, we will install new fire watch monitoring systems and establish fire safety protocols. Our licensed security guards are trained to monitor fire alarms, inspect the cause for alerts, and assist in fire containment, evacuation, and search and rescue.

Lock and Unlock Security Services

Prevent unauthorized entry and keep threats out of your property completely. Our licensed security company is equipped to operate and maintain building access management systems, and screen staff, customers, residents, and visitors upon entry and exit. We will also implement regular perimeter and interior patrols to detect unauthorized entry and other suspicious activity, especially during high-risk periods.

Parking Lot Security and Enforcement

Parking is a valuable commodity in urban spaces — limited spots in private and municipal parking lots need to be reserved for designated personnel and paid for to sustain operations. Our licensed security guards are trained in parking lot security and enforcement: they can issue tickets to drivers with unpaid or expired passes, and control access to lots to prevent unauthorized entry and criminal activity. They will also support customer service initiatives by assisting customers with lost keys and vehicle breakdowns.

Private Security Services for Stoney Creek Industries

Third Watch Protection is dedicated to protecting the well-being of Stoney Creek residents and businesses. Our locally based security consultants are familiar with the risk of crime and property damage in the community, and tailor security solutions in response. Avail of a custom security plan with on-site security, patrols, and emergency response tailored to your safety requirements and budget.

  • Homes and neighbourhoods, and concierge services in condos and apartments
  • Office buildings and commercial properties
  • Construction sites and industrial facilities
  • Schools
  • Film and TV productions
  • Cemeteries
  • Private and municipal parking lots
  • Government offices and buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Retail locations.

Trusted Security Guards in Stoney Creek

Third Watch Protection is proud to cultivate a proven reputation for excellent customer service and utmost safety. We deploy licensed security guards to a wide range of commercial and residential properties to prevent any suspicious or criminal activity. You can sleep soundly at night or work productively, knowing that you are protected.

  • Transparent pricing: our security services are affordable and sustainable, with no hidden charges based on the custom quote provided.
  • Custom solutions: our security consultants tailor a security plan according to your safety requirements and budget, and ensure comprehensive security through state-of-the-art technology and reliable personnel.
  • Risk assessment: we conduct regular threat assessments and scale security solutions — such as alarm system upgrades and increased patrols — in response to emerging risks and loss prevention requirements.

For more information on private security services from a fully licensed and experienced security guard company that Stoney Creek trusts, call Third Watch Protection at 1-888-444-5232 or contact us here to book a free security consultation.

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