Healthcare Security Services

We are an Experienced Security Company Working in the Greater Hamilton and Nearby Communities

Third Watch Protection Services offers security guards to perform at Hospitals or Medical Clinic. The guards will regularly conduct a full inspection of the premises and will scan codes at certain checkpoints at predetermined intervals and follow the client’s policies and regulations, including confidentiality to protect all staff and patients from unwanted visitors.

The guards are required to maintain a personal image while in the public eyes. The guards are required to follow all health and safety regulations and protect staff or visitors from violence patients. If an incident occurs, guards will activate their live cams so that the incident is recorded into evidence. This is especially beneficial for cases that go to court.

Some of our duties include:

  • Interior and exterior patrols
  • Maintain crowd control and access control
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Enforce property rules, city bi-laws, and other applicable laws
  • Deter and respond to incidents on property
  • Maintain a presence to ensure the safety and security of all persons on site
  • Communicate regularly with patrons/clients
  • Complete reports and memo book entries on a regular basis
  • Respond to various types of emergencies (fire alarms/elevator entrapment/medical emergencies)
  • Based on your directive and expertise, we will assess, customize, develop, and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures for ¬†each of our valued clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare security services and guard patrolling. We proudly work with clients within the Greater Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville and Niagara areas.

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