About Third Watch Protection Services

We are a Leading Security Services Company, Serving the Greater Hamilton, Burlington and Surrounding Communities

At Third Watch Protection Services, we pride ourselves on fulfilling our commitments to our clients. Our team will go to great lengths to provide the security you need to have peace of mind.

We ensure that our clients are more than satisfied that they are receiving the protection they need. There are no hidden fees. There are no reasons to stay awake at night worrying about your business. Third Watch is there to protect your investment at the times when you cannot be there.

Third Watch Protection Services is dedicated to providing quality security services to our clients throughout the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville areas. We offer first-rate security at a reasonable price. Our security guards are trained to recognize problems and to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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Objectives in Security

Third Watch Protection Services aims to ensure the security of every aspect of your home or business. We enlist elite security guards to safeguard your property, you family, your employees, your visitors, and everything else on your premises. Third Watch provides and peace of mind to our clients and make our community a safer place.

We aim to provide diverse protection services at a reasonable cost. To provide unsurpassed security, Third Watch strives to gain an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients. We customize initial security plans for our clients and maintain frequent contact to stay abreast of our clients’ changing needs.

Third Watch distributes semi-annual questionnaires to maintain a constructive dialogue and to assure that aspect large or small can fly under the radar. In addition, our security guards are on high alert to consider and solve safety issues that may not have even occurred to our clients. As your life and your business evolve, Third Watch will evolve with you. We strive to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and become long-term partners with our clients.

Reliable, Trusted and Experienced Security Services

We know that your business is unique and that it is very important to you. Third Watch will meet with you to evaluate your business and recommend the security service that is best for you. We vow to provide you with the best service, and we will always provide you with timely reports before requesting payment. Our goal is to provide the protection your business requires so that you have peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on our first-rate services. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind our services provide and that payment is never expected until patrol reports are submitted. We do the little things to make it easy for you. Third Watch knows that you already have plenty of duties to manage to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Take care of your business and leave the security to us.

Regions We Service

Third Watch Protection Services is in full compliance through the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Our Owner & CEO – Michael Rose

My name is Michael Rose, and I am the Owner and CEO of Third Watch Protection Services. I have been in the security industry for twenty-one years. During that time, I worked my way up from the bottom, gaining an understanding of diverse positions within the business. I have worked as a security guard, mobile guard, a transport guard, and a lead hand; subsequently, I was promoted to shift supervisor with Toronto Immigration Detention Centre where I worked alongside the Canada Border Service Agency.

During my time working for other security agencies, I was regarded as a vigilant and dedicated employee. I gained the respect of my fellow employees, my supervisors, and company management. I frequently earned the recognition of high-ranking CBSA Immigration Officials during my nine years with the organization. Through this experience, I gained first-hand knowledge of how to deal with serious criminals and insight into the criminal mind; this knowledge has been extremely beneficial to my work in the security field.

My hard work and dedication has been frequently noted throughout my career. Notably, while working for G4S Secure Solutions, I received two special commendations and the G4S President’s Humanitarian Award for going above and beyond the call of duty. In addition, while on duty at the Immigration Detention Centre, my quick actions saved the lives of people on two separate occasions within a two-week span. My actions earned me great respect from my colleagues as well as the directors at the Canada Border Service Agency.

I am proud to introduce you to a company that focuses on client satisfaction. We deliver superior customer service and ensures that your business is secure. Licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Third Watch offers the highest standards in the industry. We are there when you cannot be. With our outstanding service and competitive prices, not only will you sleep better at night, but you will also be confident that you are spending your money where you should be – on your business!