Perimeter Patrol Services in Hamilton

Unauthorized entry is the gateway to some of the most common property crimes in Hamilton, such as theft and vandalism. Whether it’s petty, one-time crime or organized, large-scale break-ins, these property crimes can pose serious threats to life, valuable equipment and inventory, and business continuity. Effective access control is the best way to prevent that.

Third Watch Protection is proud to provide access control, the first step to lasting commercial and residential property security — and your lasting peace of mind. With expertly monitored access control mechanisms and security alarm systems, we can deter unauthorized entry and criminal activity to prevent losses and property damage. Trust us to keep the doors locked — and unlocked — as needed, to secure your property, equipment and inventory, and personnel.

Your Partner in Access Control and Perimeter Patrol in Hamilton

Third Watch Protection security professionals are expertly trained to manage access to commercial and residential properties and limit entry to authorized personnel. With effective access control, frequent locking and unlocking of doors, and perimeter patrol, our professional security guards can easily deter criminal activity and detect threats for fast emergency response.

Our security consultants are dedicated to providing a comprehensive security risk assessment of your property in Hamilton. This includes identifying key access points and mapping risks that a perimeter patrol service can easily respond to and neutralize, to keep your property, equipment, and personnel secure 24/7. Trust Third Watch Protection to equip you with highly visible and fully equipped perimeter patrol vehicles operated by security guards expertly trained in access control and threat surveillance.

Perimeter Patrol by Professional Security Guards

A strong security presence at key access points into your property can quickly deter criminal activity, such as trespassing, break-ins, vandalism, and theft. Station security guards at entrances and exits to patrol the perimeter, conduct physical checks to identify suspicious activity, and respond to alarms. Our proactive perimeter patrol system has proven effective in fast emergency response and loss prevention.

  • Mobile patrol schedule: choose between 24/7 surveillance or critical periods for routine patrols — such as after regular business hours — to physically check the premises for trespassing, vandalism, and other suspicious activity.
  • Established security protocols: our security guards adhere to the most effective security protocols, including walking around and monitoring the perimeter, securing gates and locking doors, and keeping windows closed to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Alarm system monitoring and response: our perimeter patrol service is designed to enhance the performance of your state-of-the-art CCTV and security alarm systems. Our security guards will monitor alarms and respond to any alert immediately to prevent losses and property damage.
  • Full emergency response: following security system alerts, our security guards will respond to detected threats, conduct a full internal and external inspection to intercept criminal activity, alert local law enforcement, and prepare a full incident report detailing the security protocols enacted and recommendations for future prevention.

Access Control: Lock and Unlock Services

At Third Watch Protection, we believe that effective security and loss prevention starts with reliable access control to prevent unauthorized entry. Our professional security guards are expertly trained to implement property access control protocols, such as locking and unlocking doors and gates, according to regular business activity. By steering foot traffic away from specific areas designed only for authorized personnel, we can help prevent valuable losses and property damage to ensure business continuity and personnel safety.

  • Locking and unlocking doors and gates according to appointed times, such as regular office hours to limit entry to restricted areas and prevent unauthorized entry that can lead to criminal activity.
  • Operation of management access control systems, such as FOB systems, automatic gates, and biometric access control.
  • Physical and baggage searches to prevent contact with hazardous materials, dangerous substances, weapons, and other security breaches that lead to violent crime.
  • Crowd control through the facilitation of building access according to established security protocols, such as limiting access to authorized personnel.

Intruder Alert: Security and Alarm System Response

Our perimeter patrol services work alongside your security alarm system to ensure fast emergency response and threat apprehension in case of property crimes such as vandalism and theft, as well as gas leaks, floods, power failures, and phone line faults. Third Watch Protection security guards are trained to operate state-of-the-art security and alarm systems and respond to alerts during their regular patrols and walk-through inspections.

Following a fire or intruder alert, our security guards will provide a full incident report detailing the security protocols enacted, and reset the alarms for future threat detection and loss prevention. They will also connect with local law enforcement and emergency service providers to ensure that threats are fully apprehended and prevented from recurring.

Keyholding Services and Interior Inspection

Third Watch Protection is proud to equip commercial and residential properties in Hamilton with comprehensive security solutions. Our perimeter patrol and lock and unlock security services include keyholding and interior inspections to restore building access for authorized personnel in case of lost keys. Our complete keyholding and recovery solution provides you with necessary lock replacement to prevent trespassing and losses.

  • Keyholding service: upon proper notification, our security guards can provide stranded personnel with spare keys and access cards, and arrange to have locks replaced to prevent future trespassing, vandalism, and theft attempts.
  • Secure entry: use our lock and unlock security services to allow after-hours entry for service crews, delivery couriers, and other personnel as required to ensure smooth building operations, even when you’re not around.
  • Interior inspection: aside from perimeter patrols and emergency response, our security guards can also ensure a fast response to leaks, floods, power failures, and other building emergencies as they manage building access.

The Third Watch Protection Guarantee

At Third Watch Protection, our complete suite of security solutions starts with effective access control. Our expertly trained security guards work with you to designate authorized entry for staff, customers, and residents as required, and keep trespassers out through vigilant perimeter patrol protocols.

Our professional security guards are fast, proactive, and highly perceptive of their surroundings, so they can respond to threats immediately and keep your property secure. Trust us to manage building access and ensure effective loss prevention by eliminating threats before they can even enter your property, at the gates.

To learn more about perimeter patrol and lock and unlock security services in Hamilton, book a security consultation with Third Watch Protection today.

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