Security Guard Services

We Have an Experienced Team of Security Guards Working in the Greater Hamilton and Nearby Areas

Third Watch Protection Services offers security and patrol guards to monitor your business. Guards are required to follow the policies and regulations your business has in place. The guards will regularly conduct a full inspection of the premises and will scan codes at certain checkpoints at predetermined intervals. Should trespassers be found on your premises, the guards will take appropriate measures to eliminate any threats.

Guards will also issue parking notice violation to any vehicles that are on the premises illegally. Guards will submit activity reports at the end of every shift to provide you with peace of mind. Should an incident occur, the guards will contact their mobile supervisor and our team will efficiently diffuse the situation.

Some of our security guard duties include:

  • Monitor sites and respond to alarms
  • Patrol client properties in search of suspicious or criminal behavior
  • Use client access control application and CCTV cameras to ensure a timely response
  • Investigate safety and security related incidents
  • Respond to medical emergencies; provide First Aid and/or CPR as required
  • Coordinate and arrange emergency response as per the site’s Standard Operating Procedures
  • Regulate access to properties, scan at all checkpoints and uphold site policies
  • Ensure that employees, contractors and visitors provide proper credentials before entering sites
  • Complete and submit electronic reports with a high level of detail and accuracy
  • Behave in a professional manner to clients and the public
  • Provide first-rate customer service when responding to public inquiries

Contact us today to learn more about our experienced security guard security services . We proudly work with clients within the Greater Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville and Niagara areas.

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