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At the core of every productive business or pleasant home is a safe and secure environment. Taking the proactive first step towards this starts with a well-laid out security plan that addresses the common risks and threats to your property and the people behind it.

With the types of property crime and the rapid urbanization of Burlington, keeping gates closed and doors locked may not be enough to deter criminals, monitor threats, and enact fast emergency response. You need the support of a reliable and licensed security guard company to mitigate these risks and secure your property. A professional security guard service adds a layer of invaluable protection to your home or business through early threat detection, proactive patrolling, and loss prevention.

Trust Our Security Guard Company in Burlington

Third Watch Protection is your partner for all your on-site and mobile patrol security needs in Burlington. Our licensed and experienced security guards are trained to provide physical security through building access control, perimeter patrol, and alarm response. With proactive site monitoring and fast emergency response, we can prevent property damage and personnel loss, as well as recurrence of threats and security risks that impact revenue and overall safety and comfort.

Our security solutions are expertly tailored according to the size and layout of your property, peak periods of activity, and identified risks to public safety. We deploy security guards on-site and provide back-up remote surveillance and emergency response tailored to your budget and specific safety requirements. Third Watch Protection licensed security guards are proud to protect a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial facilities.

Licensed Security Guards in Burlington: Complete Protection Services

Third Watch Protection provides a comprehensive suite of security services to ensure effective on-site security, fast alarm response, preventive patrols, and building access control. Trust our security guard company to deter criminal activity, respond to threats, promote resident, staff, and customer safety for guaranteed loss prevention and business continuity.

On-Site Security Guards

We deploy licensed security guards to your commercial or residential property and provide on-site building access control, site inspection, and regular mobile patrols to deter common property crimes, such as trespassing and theft, and protect customers, staff, and residents from existing security threats at your location. On-site security guards can easily respond to security incidents and contact local law enforcement in case of crime and other suspicious activity.

Mobile Patrols

Not all commercial and residential properties need, or have the budget for 24/7 on-site security. Our mobile patrol service allows you to benefit from regular security presence at designated times to detect threats and deter criminal activity during identified high-risk periods. Mobile security guards will arrive in clearly marked and highly visible vehicles to conduct routine site inspections, check locks, doors, and gates, and alert both law enforcement and primary keyholders in case of detected crime and other emergencies.

Alarm Response

Trust our security guard company to provide a timely and effective response to alerts from security and alarm systems. Our on-site and mobile patrol security guards will inspect the premises, find the cause of the alarm, and dispatch emergency response services using the one-click RSPNDR dispatch system to evacuate the building and contain the threat. We will also alert local law enforcement, reset the alarms, and secure the building upon restoring normal operations to prevent further property damage and losses.

Home and Neighbourhood Security Watch

Protect your home and the ones you love most. Third Watch Protection security guards are dedicated to protecting residents and their homes through proactive neighbourhood patrols and regular property inspections. Deter thieves and burglars from entering your home and stealing your valuables, and keep your home intact with vacation watch services to prevent property damage and losses, and enjoy a much-needed, worry-free break from everyday life.

Fire Watch Security

Protect your property and secure staff, residents, and customers from the risk of fire-related damages and injuries. Our licensed security guards are trained in fire watch monitoring and emergency response to assist in fire containment, initiating evacuation, and provide search and rescue services to restore building safety and ensure loss prevention.

Lock and Unlock Security Services

Manage access to your home or office building and restrict unauthorized entry to prevent trespassing and deter criminal activity. Stop threats at the gates and secure your property with an access control system and both on-site and mobile patrol security to detect unauthorized entry and respond to trespassing threats.

Parking Lot Security and Enforcement

Prevent unauthorized parking and reserve designated parking spaces for customers, staff, and residents to maximize the revenue of private parking lots. Deter common parking lot crimes, such as car theft and vandalism, and enforce parking regulations in coordination with municipal parking authorities to issue tickets for outstanding violations and expired parking passes. Provide an excellent customer experience with safewalk programs and emergency assistance for lost keys and vehicle breakdowns.

Security Solutions for Burlington Industries

Third Watch Protection is proud to equip various sectors and communities in Burlington with proactive security solutions. Our security consultants expertly tailor a comprehensive security program for site inspections, access control, and emergency alarm response according to the safety requirements and budgets of:

  • Homes, neighbourhoods, apartments, condominiums, and concierge services
  • Offices, business parks, and other commercial properties
  • Construction sites and industrial facilities
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Film and TV production sets
  • Cemeteries and mausoleums
  • Private and municipal parking lots
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare and wellness facilities
  • Retail stores.

The Third Watch Protection Guarantee

At Third Watch Protection, we don’t just deploy security guards to your property: our security consultants and personnel are dedicated to achieving a deep familiarity with your home, office building, or store. Our mission is to discover security vulnerabilities and address these to prevent emergencies and losses. Your safety and productivity are our guarantees.

  • Price transparency: our security solutions feature upfront pricing for all services tailored to your property and budget, with no hidden fees.
  • Custom solutions: trust our security consultants to develop custom security solutions, and secure your investment with affordable on-site security guards, patrols, and emergency response.
  • Risk assessment: we conduct periodic risk assessments to identify emerging threats in Burlington and recommend upgrades to your security plan, such as installing new alarm systems and increasing patrols and site inspections to deter criminals.

To learn more about security services tailored to Burlington residents and businesses, call Third Watch Protection at 1-888-444-5232 or contact us here to book a free security consultation.

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