Cemetery Security Patrol Services – Ensuring the Peace at Your Eternal Place of Rest

Protecting the Security at Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

When you picture a funeral home or a cemetery, you likely don’t picture theft or regular trespassing. Unfortunately, this is the norm for many funeral parlours, cemeteries and mausoleums.

Although many of us believe cemeteries are peaceful environments, the truth can be quite the opposite. If security personnel are not present, even cemeteries can be home to various unlawful activities, including vandalism, theft, and sexual activity.

What can Third Watch Protection Services offer to protect cemeteries and funeral homes?

Third Watch Protection Services offers mobile patrol service to cemeteries and mausoleums. It is extremely important to protect the cemetery and mausoleum from potential threats and graveyard theft. Third Watch Protection Services will conduct scheduled and/or random patrols throughout the premises and make sure that each mausoleum building is secured. Our mobile guard will enter the mausoleum building to make sure that no one is hiding in washrooms or anywhere else that thieves can potentially hide. We can do lockups and unlocks as scheduled by the client.

How safe is your Funeral Home from trespassers?

Another surprising location of petty crimes, funeral homes tend to be vulnerable to loitering, vandalism, trespassing, theft of precious valuables from the deceased and more. Without proper security measures in place, any funeral home is at risk of security incidents leaving their employees and clients exposed.

Here are some of our security duties that we can provide to properly secure and fully inspect the premises:

  • Access Control
  • Lockup & Unlock Services
  • Vehicle Records
  • Foot patrol of the Mausoleum
  • Guidance
  • Inspections of premises
  • Traffic Handling
  • 24×7 Alertness
  • Kindness and Gentleness
  • Log maintenance
  • Contacting the local police and client in the event of emergency

For further information regarding our cemetery and funeral home security services in the Greater Hamilton area, contact Third Watch Protection Services today by phone at 1-888-444-5232 or by email at mail@thirdwatchprotection.com.