Choosing Your Next Security Provider

How should you prepare to source and select your next security provider?

How can I find the right security company to protect my business or condominium buildings?

When looking for a reliable security provider, the internet is a helpful place to start. Once you’ve selected a few local companies to consider, you should also review their Google Business profile and reviews along with any social media profiles they’re currently using for customer feedback. After you complete your research, then you need to contact your picks and interview them on the phone. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their service and what specifically they can do to help with your needs. Any companies that meet your expectations during your phone interview should be scheduled into a face-to-face meeting with you and any other stakeholders within your business.

What documents should I ask for in the meeting?

Here are the following documents that you should ask for and that your potential security provider is obligated to provide when asked:

  • Ontario Security Guard Agency License
  • Ontario Security Guard License
  • Commercial Insurance Policy
  • Incorporated Certificate
  • Letters of recommendation from clients
  • Business Number

When reviewing these documents, below is a brief list of further checks you should conduct with the information you’ve been provided:

  • Ontario Security Guard Agency License: make sure that they provide you with a valid Ontario Security Guard Agency License. If you have a QR Code scanner on your phone, then you can scan the QR Code on the license. When you scan the license, you are redirected to the ServiceOntario website. If you don’t have QR Code on the your phone, then click the link Once on the website, you’ll then be able to see whether the company is fully licensed to operate in Ontario. If they are not found on the ServiceOntario website, then the license could be expired or counterfeit.
  • Ontario Security Guard License: This license can be held by an individual security guard and/or by a representative of a security agency. In the case of an agency, each security company must first hold a valid Ontario Security Guard Agency License. In order to check the status or validity of an Ontario Security Guard License, you can follow this link to the Government of Ontario’s official list of individuals: If the license number you’ve provided is not listed, the individual who provided that number is likely unregistered or using an expired license.
  • Commercial Insurance Policy: You should review to see if their policy is valid. Then you need to see if they have anything that is “Excluded in the Service”. Most providers don’t disclose any excluded services in initial meetings and is helpful to know should any security incidents arrive under their watch.
  • Incorporated Certificate: If your potential provider mentioned that they are incorporated, then they need to provide proof with their name and number.
  • References: ask your potential provider to show a couple of reference letters from their current provider to say if they are satisfied with the service.
  • Business Number: You should ensure that they have an HST Business Number that provided by Canada Revenue Agency. If not, then that is an indication the company is not real because every security companies should have HST Number.

When you have decided of your new provider, you should ask for copies of their insurance policy and incorporation certificate for your records. If your potential provider failed to produce any of the documents that you requested, it’s highly possible they are an unlicensed agency and should not be considered as your next provider. This also applies to your current provider.

Have further questions regarding your security provider’s interview process?

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