Construction Site Security Patrol Services – How Safe Is Your Construction Site?

12 Steps to Increasing Your Worksite Security

How safe is your construction site? And how do you know if you are receiving the Security that you deserve to protect your premises? If you can’t answer those questions with certainty, you may be at risk to trespassers or other security threats to your property.

Here are 10 Easy Steps to Increase Security at Your Construction Sites Around the Greater Hamilton and Burlington Areas.

1. Before the project commences, create a security plan for the job site. This security plan should also include a written policy specific to your jobsite and including a list of current and/or former employees. In the event that any person attempts to enter the property, your security can verify whether they’re authorized to access the worksite and if they are following proper security policies.

2. Assign security responsibilities to supervisors and spread awareness among all workers. These supervisors should be responsible for reporting any suspicious activities to superiors or be available to employees should they experience a situation that fails to meet your security policy.

3. Keep a regular inventory of tools, supplies, etc. This can help with tracking any product losses, pilferage or major theft and can easily be reported to police if necessary.

4. Use proper fencing to secure the perimeter. This will not only create the first line of defense against trespassers. Ideally, this fencing should not be plastic mesh fencing as this is not strong enough to keep unwanted persons off your property. If you are using a 4-pin code padlock or have a key box, your security policy should include a list of employees with access to the pin code/key and in the event that an employee leaves your company, the passcode or key should be updated.

If there is a problem within the fence line or any main gates, it’s in your best interest to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

5. Secure vehicles and equipment when not in use. Ensure that all vehicles are in well-lit areas and being monitored by CCTV. Try not to have anything visible within the vehicles for criminals to take. Keep all keys secured in an unknown location in the contractor’s office or in a secure cargo trailer.

6. Create one access point and monitor/control access to the site. You can also control vehicle access and provide parking areas for employees outside of the construction site. If you allow employees to park on site, make sure they are near the contractors’ office.

7. To effectively deter vandalism and theft, make sure that the job site always has sufficient lighting. Poor lighting fails to deter criminal activity AND makes it difficult to capture suspicious activity on CCTV.

8. Ask workers to immediately report any incidents of vandalism or theft.

9. Hiring a local security company and have them patrol the job site regularly. Also, you need to provide them with a means of communication. It’s important to keep an open dialogue with your security provider, so they are well informed of any changes within the company or particular employee habits of note. When workers are on-the-job, it’s extremely important to know how many people are on site and their locations within the site. If you cannot communicate with your provider, then why have security present at all? When you hire a Security company, it’s important to have them present during afterhours. There is no point leaving your site unprotected for a long period of time, including weekends and holidays. If a person or group can enter the site and do anything they want. Even though you have warning signs posted on the fence line about surveillance cameras. They will not care if anyone is watching remotely. By the time the local authorities arrive, they will probably be long gone with stolen property.

10. Install a video monitoring system. Cameras should be equipped with night vision and be positioned throughout your property to give your site security team a full vantage point of your worksite. Should any security issues arise, your cameras should catch the incident on film. If you use lower quality security cameras, you will be risking failing to capture usable footage that would be helpful to law enforcement or failing to capture the incident at all.


At any time during after-hours on the weekends and holidays, not having security present can invite trespassers onto the premises. Keep in mind that any time there is no coverage, you will be held accountable for any injuries or death that occurs on your site.

If you need help with the rest of the aspects of construction security, it is best to hire a security company that has expertise in construction security as well as employee health and safety. Before you decide to hire Security, make sure that they are fully licensed and insured. If you want to learn more about unlicensed agencies, click here >

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