Defending Against Threats: Protect Your Apartment or Townhouse Complex Residents with Comprehensive Security Patrol Services

With the rate of crime on the rise in Ontario and across Canada, apartment and townhome complexes are experiencing more security threats than ever, including burglaries, vandalism, and petty theft. But as a housing complex owner or manager, it can be difficult to set aside a budget for security along with maintenance, upkeep and other building expenses.

Here’s why you should prioritize security patrol in your building’s budget:

It deters criminals from the complex.

Criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they see a security personnel near your apartment complex. Also, security personnel are trained to identify any suspicious activity and take action before a crime takes place.

Trained security personnel can deal with security issues more efficiently.

Should residents have any security issues or suspicious activity is spotted in the neighbourhood, security personnel can deal with the issue safely and efficiently, involving local authorities as necessary.

You benefit from round-the-clock surveillance.

When using mobile patrol service, you receive the full benefit of constant surveillance, alarm response, control room operations, etc. This means faster response times and improved outcomes in the event of an issue.

It increases tenant satisfaction & lengthens their lease term.

By giving residents a sense of security within the building, tenant peace of mind and satisfaction increases overall. When a tenant is more satisfied in their complex, they’re more likely to continuing leasing that property.

It increases your property’s value & attracts higher-value tenants

When considering which property to lease, one of the largest factors that a tenant will consider — and pay more for — is their personal safety. Not to mention, a security system and protocol add to the overall appraisal value of the complex.

If you are interested in new security patrol provider for your complex, contact Third Watch Protection Services today at 1-888-444-5232 or to get started on a security assessment.