Healthcare Security Services in Hamilton & Burlington

How do you know that the company you hired is meeting with your expectations? And have encountered your current provider personnel not doing what they are required to do?

Our elderly can be the most vulnerable to theft and misconduct by another elderly person and visitors to the facility. In fact, the attack on a patient is caused by another patient. The reason for this unprovoked attack with patients is because they are confused of the surrounding and possibly not responsible for their actions. As Healthcare worker and security personnel, we are responsible to maintain the safety of all patients and prevent this type of incident from occurring. Third Watch Protection Services will put together a security plan and a team of professionals to ensure that the residents are being protected and the nursing home maintains its integrity and quality of service. The security guards can provide a number of services from front desk security, rounds of the property, and fire life safety services.

In addition, Third Watch Protection Services understands that we need to protect the staff and visitors to the facility. Occasionally a patient can become violent towards a nursing staff because of pear frustration or they don’t fully understand why they are living in a nursing home. This is why we need to protect them and have understanding to each patient needs. As per the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 Employers we are obligated to provide a safe working environment.

Third Watch Protection Services promise and guarantee that each Healthcare facility receives the proper Service and the peace of mind you deserve.

As Security personnel, they should be fully trained in all avenues and be prepared to handle all various incidents including injuries on a patient. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that security doesn’t get the proper training when dealing with healthcare issues. Third Watch Protection Services vow to have all security personnel fully trained in dealing with violent patients and take sensitivity courses. Third Watch Protection Services will only place the most qualified personnel in this role and that all personnel are trained to maintain a higher level in a high-profile position.

In addition to security, our guards are being utilized to multitask in additional areas of responsibility such as:

  • Interior and exterior patrol of the facility
  • Greeting employees, clients, vendors and visitors
  • Submit daily activity reports
  • Answering phones and general questions
  • Signing visitors in and out of your building
  • Immediately deters unwanted or unsafe behaviors, incidents and foot traffic
  • Ensures an orderly front desk reception / lobby area 24 hours a day
  • Escort funeral home director
    Crisis Intervention
    Extra coverage can be provided in special events.

While guard are on-site, the guard will be required to scan each checkpoints at various locations of the facility. This will ensure that patrols are being conducted properly. As part of their patrol, the guard will check-in at each ward and have check-in signed by on duty nursing staff. Not only scanning each checkpoint, the guard will be responsible for securing specific doors during lockup and unlocks. The guard will be required to submit an electronic security reports at the end of each duty shift.