Hiring a New Security Provider to Take Over an Existing Contract

When you’re unhappy with your security provider, it’s more than just a simple miscommunication between a customer and company — it puts your home or business at risk. Security threats can occur at any time and if your current security provider isn’t meeting your standards, it increases the likelihood of a more significant security incident incrementally. And unfortunately, like many Ontarians in this same position, if you’re locked into a contract with that security provider, you may be facing a difficult and potentially costly decision. Luckily, there’s another option!

What is a security takeover contract?

A takeover contract is when another security company steps in to complete the remainder of your contract in place of your original security provider. As part of our takeover services, we also offer to match the same rate as your previous company — meaning you can obtain more satisfactory security without costing you extra hard-earned dollars.

As an optional function of our takeover services, you can also negotiate to keep your current on-site guards to ensure uninterrupted service and less need for additional on-site training on your company’s protocols.

When your contract term is complete, you’ll then have the option to renew your contract with the company of your choice. For those who continue your services with Third Watch Protection, we offer a 5% discount or more on your annual fee for your first years’ renewal!

What questions should you ask potential security companies when considering a security contract takeover?

When doing your research, you need to vigilant about determining which security provider will best fit your needs — not only for your peace of mind but to address your responsibility to all levels of your company. Below is a list of questions that are important to ask of your new potential security provider, in addition to your initial quotation:

  • Are you properly licensed in the province of Ontario? Do any of your company directors have a valid Ontario Security Guard License? When does your agency license expire?
  • Do you have valid Commercial Liability Insurance? What amount is included in your coverage? Are there any exclusions from this service?
  • Do you have a valid CRA business number? Are you incorporated? If so, what is your corporation number?

As your security provider responds to these questions, also be prepared to ask for documentation of their answers (i.e. a copy of their license, proof of insurance, and/or government documentation) for your records.

Does Third Watch Protection Services takeover from the other providers?

Yes, we do offer contract takeover services to potential clients looking to replace their current providers for any reason. As part of our takeover services, we offer clients the option to keep their current contract terms at the same rate as their current provider or the ability to develop a new contract that better fits your needs. At the time of contract renewal with Third Watch Protection Services, we also offer a loyalty discount of 5% or more for the first years’ renewal.

What notice am I expected to give to my current provider?

When terminating your contract with your current provider, it’s advisable to provide at least 30-days’ notice of your termination of services in the form of a letter. In the event that your provider is operating illegally or with an expired license, that grace period can be as little as 5 business days.