Hiring the Right Private Investigator

What qualities should you look for in your Investigator?

Are you currently looking to hire a reliable Private Investigator in Ontario but not sure where to start?

There are many reasons to hire a private investigator — including for business and insurance fraud or personal investigations of someone close to you. And given that the circumstances dictating the need for an investigator are often of a delicate nature, you want to make sure that whichever company or professional you hire will be the right fit for the job.

To begin searching for a private investigator in Ontario, you’ll need to begin researching online to source companies in your area that will be able to provide the specific service you require. In order to assess how reliable each company may be, you should also consider each company’s Google Business profile and reviews, social media profiles, or other online reviews website to read testimonials from previous clients.

Another factor to consider when searching for a private investigation company is whether they’re properly licensed in the province of Ontario. While many security companies will advertise private investigation as one of their services, not all security companies are adequately licensed to do so.

Are Security Companies in Ontario already licensed as Private Investigator?

In short, no. Ontario’s Security Guard Licensing includes several classes of licenses, including separate classifications of security guards and private investigators. In order for a security company to be licensed to operate as a private investigator, they must have a valid Ontario Security Guard License and be classed as a “Private Investigator”. If their license shows “Security Guard” only, this indicates that they’re not qualified per government standards.

If a security guard claims they are licensed but are not able to present the proper class license, this may be an indication that company is misrepresenting themselves to you and should be considered a liability in your investigation.

Can a security guard conduct private Investigative work?

No. As said above per government standards, private investigators must be properly licensed with the correct license class in order to legally perform private investigations. While able to perform other security functions, licensed security guards are not qualified to do this work.

Should investigators provide insurance?

Within the province of Ontario, private investigators, like security guards, must legally maintain liability insurance coverage to for the purpose of loss prevention. If the company you are researching for your private investigation job cannot provide proof of insurance or their insurance has lapsed, this company should be removed from consideration for your job.

When interviewing different investigation companies, what documents should I ask for during the meeting?

Here are the following documents that you should ask for and that your potential security provider is obligated to provide:

  • Ontario Security Guard Agency License
  • Ontario Security Guard License
  • Commercial Insurance Policy
  • Incorporated Certificate
  • Letters of recommendation from clients
  • Business Number

If your potential investigator fails to produce any of the documents above, it’s highly possible they are an unlicensed agency, or they are not licensed as private investigator and should not be considered to conduct the work. If you do decide to hire a company that is not qualified or licensed, then you are putting yourself and/or business at potential risk.

Is Third Watch Protection Services licensed to operate as a private investigator?

While we do not provide private investigation services to clients, we remain passionately dedicated to the security industry and are always happy to assist clients to find the right security or investigations service for their needs. In this case, we seek to educate those beginning their search for a private investigator in the hopes that they can make a better-informed decision when choosing their private investigation firm.

Should you ever require to file a complaint regarding the work of a private investigator or security guards, click here for more information.