Illegal Security Agencies are on the Rise — Are you really being protected?

When you hire a security agency, you’re looking for peace of mind and an added safeguard for your business or premises. But what if it turns out that the “agency” you hired is operating fraudulently? Unbeknownst to many Ontarians, this is their reality, and many won’t learn their provider is fraudulent until a problem occurs.

So how do you protect yourself from working with an illegal security agency? It can be as simple as determining whether the provider has a license.

Why does it matter if my Security Provider is licensed?

In order to best protect Ontarians, a fully licensed security provider is obligated to undergo standardized training, criminal background checks and must continually meet government regulations in order to maintain their licensed status. Once licensed, the Ontario government monitors these providers through the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA) and can convict individuals who fail to uphold or violate the terms of this Act. A full list of offences and set fines is available to review here.

If your security provider is unlicensed, they do not abide by the regulations, training and guidelines of PSISA thereby, putting your business, workplace or employees at risk.

Simply put, you will be unable to receive the full benefit and protection of the Act as set out by the government of Ontario.

How can I ensure my security provider is operating legally?

In order to operate legally in Ontario, every security provider is responsible for obtaining and maintaining a license AND valid Commercial Insurance. In order to ensure that your provider is meeting these standards, you can request that your provider supply you with documentation of their license and insurance at any time for your records.

How do I check a provider’s security documents?

If your supplier fails to provide you with this documentation or if you want to investigate the information you’ve received, click here to review the status of their company with the Ontario government. If your provider is not listed or is listed as expired, it is highly recommended you consider another agency.

For more information on the Private Security and Investigative Services Act of Ontario and how it can protect you as a consumer, you can consult the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website at any time by following this link.

Third Watch Protection Services is in full compliance the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services with a valid Ontario Security Agency License and $2,000.000 million dollars liability coverage. To request documentation, click info@thirdwatchprotection.comhere to submit a formal request via email.