Protecting What Matters: Why Third Watch Protection Services Are Essential for Your Security Needs

For over two decades, Third Watch owner and CEO Michael Rose has excelled in the field of security. We believe in working hard and exceeding our mandates to provide the best service available. At Third Watch, our word is our bond, and we vow to provide you with the best possible security.

Specializing in small business and corporate security, Third Watch Protection Services deters criminal activity, saving you money and stress. Not only will hiring Third Watch reduce your insurance rates, but it will also give you peace of mind.

What Security Company Should I Hire To Protect My Business?

With almost 300 security companies operating in Ontario, it can be daunting to try to hire the right one to suit your needs. How can you determine which is best? How can you be assured that the companies will do what they promise?

First, ensure that the company you aim to deal with fully licensed with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and is properly insured. Next, check out the company’s reviews by searching on Google. If the online reviews seem good, consider asking the company for some client references for further information. Once you’re satisfied with a security provider’s qualifications, ensure their security offerings full meet your needs and that you’ll use each of the services included.

At Third Watch, we focus on our customers and design unique plans for them. We feel confident in what we do, and we aim to communicate well and establish fine relationships with our clients. As a deterrent of criminal activity, security guards may be on patrol, monitoring screens, performing gatehouse duties, or being on mobile patrol. No matter the position, a quality security guard should be able to handle any issue that arises.

Once you’ve hired a company and have begun using their services, it’s always a good practice to check in with your provider regularly. If they are consistently meeting expectations, communicating well, and not charging any hidden fees, you’re in good hands. If they consistently fail to meet your expectations over the service term, it may be time to reconsider your provider.

The Peace Of Mind You Deserve

If you or your employees are anxious about break-ins or other security threats, that can reduce productivity and quality of life. Security guards can provide that peace of mind you deserve. Third Watch Protection Services can help deter criminal activity in and around your building. You have enough work taking care of your business, so leave the security to us!

Crime Prevention

By having security guards on location or passing by frequently on mobile patrol, you can often deter criminal activity. Well-trained guards even have the ability to spot suspicious activity and ensure the perpetrators don’t proceed. By including security patrol in your security system, you can help to prevent criminal activity on your premises and ensure a safer working environment for you and your staff alike.

Dealing With Crime

The primary job of security guards is always the same: Detect, Deter, Observe and Report. In the event a crime was to occur on your premises, Third Watch security guards are trained to minimize or manage these incidents on your behalf and liaise with local authorities as needed. If an incident occurs, a full report of the incident will be delivered to you afterwards in order to notify you fully of the incident and actions taken to stop the criminal activity.

Customizable Security Plans

Third Watch Protection Services offers diverse choices in security. We design packages specifically for our clients, offering them great service and peace of mind. We are fully licensed and have insurance with two-million-dollars of liability. Third Watch security guards are well trained, hardworking, and they perform the services you hire them to do.

To ensure outstanding service, we speak with clients monthly and perform quarterly guard evaluations. We strive for excellence and work diligently to ensure we maintain our high standards.

We don’t want to meet your expectations; we want to exceed them. Third Watch Protection Services offers exceptional, cost-effective security services. If you give us a try, we’re confident you will be satisfied. Call us today at 1-888-444-5232 or email Let’s get started!