Remembrance Day 2020: Honouring All Those Who Protect This Great Country

On the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, may we always remember. Each year as Remembrance Day approaches, we take time to personally reflect on what the day truly means for all Canadians.

Both past and present, Remembrance Day commemorates the contributions of each branch of the Canadian military and all others who stand together to protect our country and allies around the world. As security providers, we can truly appreciate the commitment this requires from all service men, women and their families, and strive to be as dedicated when serving our own community.

While any Remembrance Day services this year will be greatly affected by COVID-19 safety measures, there can be no doubt that we will stand figuratively with our fellow Canadians to honour our fallen soldiers and active servicepeople. We will also be actively supporting our local Royal Canadian Legion with the purchase of a poppy for all of our employees.

Lest we forget.