Security Services Technology and Software

Track Tik Software

Third Watch Protection Services offers the latest technology to generate informative security reports. We pride ourselves on submitting our reports to our clients at regular intervals. Our mobile and on-site guards are equipped with a real-time GPS tracking system to allow us to keep records of the guards’ movements when they scan codes at and at all checkpoints. When guards reach different checkpoints, they will receive notifications explaining what to look for. This ensures that customers receive the best service. If an incident occurs, guards will activate their live cams so that the incident is recorded into evidence. This is especially beneficial for cases that go to court.

Communication and Security Software – TrackTik

“…TrackTik gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database.”

  • Automated logbooks with custom formats for ease of entry-no manual notes.
  • Internal message centre- provides instant messaging and allows for scheduled reminders and bulletins.
  • Centralized, secure database for all information-authorized individuals can access information off-site via the internet.

Manually writing reports have been the conventional methods used as a means of communication in the security and concierge industry. Some companies have tried to “pass on” books or use memorandums in an attempt to further enhance communication. This slow and inefficient model of operation can lead to costly misunderstandings and inaccuracies.