Home and Neighbourhood Patrol Services in Hamilton

How safe is your home — and how do you protect the ones you love most? The first step to effective home security and long-term peace of mind is installing locks and security alarm systems to limit access to outsiders and deter theft and vandalism. But are these security tools enough to keep you safe in Hamilton?

At Third Watch Protection, we believe in the combined benefits of security systems and proactive, physical monitoring to protect homeowners and their neighbourhoods. Comprehensive neighbourhood and individual residential safety should include a strong security presence to detect threats and deter criminal activity, whether you are sleeping soundly at night, or are currently away from home. There’s simply no alternative to peace of mind that only a home security guard service can provide.

Home Security Guards and Neighbourhood Safety

Third Watch Protection is your partner in keeping your home and loved ones safe. Our professional security guards are expertly trained to regularly patrol and inspect homes and entire neighbourhoods to ensure your safety and peace of mind, whether you’re enjoying quality time with loved ones, or hard at work.

  • On-site home security guards conducting property inspections and neighbourhood patrol watch
  • Access control to gates and doors, and ensuring that locks and security alarms are activated at specific times, such as when you’re not home or late at night
  • Access control to gates and doors, and ensuring that locks and security alarms are activated at specific times, such as when you’re not home or late at nightAccess control to gates and doors, and ensuring that locks and security alarms are activated at specific times, such as when you’re not home or late at night

Emergency Response through Residential Security

Third Watch Protection home security guards are trained to carry out regular site inspections and neighbourhood patrols to ensure residential security and utmost safety 24/7. Our professional security guards are trained to monitor the premises, detect suspicious activity, and respond to alerts from security and alarm systems to ensure fast emergency response and loss prevention.

Our professional home security guards are also trained to execute post-emergency response protocols, such as incident reporting and future prevention. They will document the circumstances surrounding security incidents, as well as the escalation protocols employed, and heightened security plans they will implement to eliminate threats and prevent similar incidents from disrupting your comfort where it matters most.

Neighbourhood Patrol Services in Hamilton

How much residential security do you need? For many neighbourhoods, routine patrols can make all the difference in detecting suspicious activity, deterring crime, and keeping homeowners and their properties safe from the most common household threats, without the cost of full-time security. Third Watch Protection offers mobile neighbourhood patrol services as an added layer of security for homeowners.

This affordable alternative to 24/7 on-site home security guards equips you with the protection of designated security vehicles and personnel at appointed times to prevent property crime when homeowners are away and during peak activity periods. Our neighbourhood patrol security personnel will document their arrival times, activities observed, and threats detected and promptly responded to, to develop a comprehensive security plan.

Neighbourhood Patrol Protocols in Hamilton

Trust our professional security guards to patrol your neighbourhood, detect threats, and respond to break-ins and theft with guaranteed rapid response times to protect your loved ones and secure your property:

  1. Arrive at your home or neighbourhood at scheduled patrol times using clearly marked and highly visible security vehicles to deter trespassers planning break-ins, vandalism, and theft.
  2. Inspect gates, doors, windows, and other access points, and restrict entry to the premises to prevent security breaches.
  3. Drive and walk around your residence or neighbourhood to inspect the site and detect trespassing attempts.
  4. Respond to identified unauthorized entry and alerts from security and alarm systems, and contact local law enforcement to apprehend trespassers.
  5. Report patrol activity to you at the end of the shift and recommend necessary security upgrades, or contact you immediately in case of security incidents.

Vacation Watch Home Security and Neighbourhood Patrols

Are you leaving your home unattended for an extended period? Take extra precautions in securing your home, and ensure rapid response to security alarms in case of threats of trespassing and theft. Enjoy the utmost peace of mind when you’re away from home — and come home to familiar comforts you love.

Third Watch Protection offers vacation home security and neighbourhood patrol services to keep your property secure, and your home intact. Our professional security guards provide mobile patrol services to check your property, deter crime, and respond to alerts from security alarm systems.

  • Mobile patrol: inspect your home, secure the perimeter to prevent trespassing, respond to security system alerts, and eliminate any other threat that can impact subsequent home insurance rates.
  • External check: we check for mail, packages, and notices, and avoid leaving them unattended outdoors to prevent neighbours and potential criminals from detecting that homeowners are away.
  • Internal check: our security personnel also check the temperatures indoors and ensure that there are no leaks, floods, and power failures.

Our Commitment to Safe Homes and Neighbourhoods

At Third Watch Protection, we believe that safety starts — and is most important — at home. Your house and neighbourhood are where you and your loved ones spend quality time, rest after long days of hard work, and store valuable investments that promote excellent quality of life. Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, and our residential security services guarantee exactly that.

  • Rapid response time: our unbeatable response times ensure that any threat of trespassing and property crime is promptly apprehended. Our home security guards and neighbourhood patrol units are strategically positioned along common access points, with backup units easily reachable in case of an emergency.
  • Alarm response: our home security guards are immediately notified of security system alerts and respond to detected threats whether you’re at home or not to ensure effective emergency response.
  • Preventative patrolling: our neighbourhood mobile patrol units are stationed in critical areas and conduct regular drive-by and walk-through inspections of the protected premises to detect the first sign of security threats and deter criminal activity.

Contact us today to learn more about our home and neighbourhood watch services. Third Watch Protection is the preferred residential and neighbourhood security company of homeowners in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville, and Niagara.

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