The Impact of Mobile Patrol: Unveiling the Benefits of Mobile Patrol Services for Your Security

When you’re hiring a security provider, it can be difficult to understand industry lingo and what’s included in your service based on the service name alone. This is especially true with mobile patrol services, which can be a combination of several included services.

When hiring Third Watch Protection Services, here is what you can expect from our Mobile Patrol security service:

Patrol & Observe the Premises

One of the key components of a mobile patrol is patrolling interior and exterior areas as defined by the client. The purpose of this patrol is to monitor each site, deter unwanted activity from the property and rapid response to any security incidents. Because the patrol is mobile instead of using a static guard, it also offers larger service areas along with more cost-effective service.

CCTV Monitoring

For clients with CCTV services, we will monitor footage either remotely or on the premises for added observation on-site. By adding this service to your mobile patrol, it enables guards to monitor higher-risk areas more efficiently.

Property Keyholders & Alarm Arming

Depending on client needs, Third Watch Protection can offer clients a keyholder service that ensures that properties are locked and unlocked at designated times to ensure property safety from a trustworthy source. We also monitor alarm notifications from any installed security systems and will respond quickly in the event of a security incident.

Incident Management

As part of our security licensing with the government of Ontario, each of our security guards has been trained and certified in health & safety protocols in order to ensure the safety of any individuals involved in a security incident.

In the event of a security breach, we will respond as quickly as possible to address the issue. This response includes removing undesired individuals from the property, administering first aid when needed, and notifying and liaising with local authorities to ensure a safe outcome.


As part of our service, we always strive to have clear, open communication with clients including regular reporting from mobile patrols. Within these reports, you’ll receive updates about observation tactics used, any security issues that have occurred and how they were resolved, and any areas of improvement.

What do I do if my Security Provider isn’t doing these things?

One of the most distressing reports we’ve received in recent months is the increase in security providers falsifying patrol reports to cover a failure to monitor a property. If this has happened to you, review your contract with that provider to confirm the practices included in your service. If your provider is failing to meet your expectations with your included service, you can terminate the company as per your contract.

Should you need a second opinion or are looking to replace your current services, Third Watch Protection is always happy to help whether it be reviewing a security contract on your behalf or taking over your security detail. Call us today at 1-888-444-5232 or email Let’s get started!