What is Verified Response?

Why should you upgrade to a Verified Response Security Program

According to the Hamilton Police Services, in 2018 they responded to 3,000+ alarms, 95% of which were false. Not only are false alarms a waste of police time and resources but they leave Hamiltonians at risk for long wait times in the event of an actual emergency requiring police assistance.

Together with local police services, security companies have developed the Verified Response Security Program — an effort to verify the legitimacy of emergency alarms before alerting the police through an altered dispatch protocol.

What to expect when your alarm is triggered

As with any security system, if your security system registers an alarm, you firstly have the opportunity to disengage the alarm yourself using your keypad or smart phone app. If you fail to turn off your alarm in time, your security company will attempt to contact you directly by phone to ensure that you are safe and that there is no emergency.

In the event that you cannot be reached by your security company, they will act on your behalf to dispatch emergency services to your home or commercial location. Once the police have been dispatched to your home, you will be charged a nominal fee should your alarm be proven false.

What types of calls will Hamilton Police respond to?

Alarm companies will have to meet one of four conditions to verify “that a criminal offence has/is occurring or there is imminent threat to personal safety” before officers respond. Companies can verify danger through:

  1. Audio signals.
  2. Video signals.
  3. A witness on scene (such as an owner, keyholder, or guards).
  4. Multiple alarm activation points in a manner or sequence that indicates suspected criminal activity.

The Hamilton Police indicates that making these changes will allow them to deploy officers to actual emergency calls.

How much does it cost to have Police respond to a false alarm?

According to the Hamilton Police website, they will invoice the monitoring station representing the premises (your security company) a fee of $169.50 ($150.00 + $19.50 HST) for all alarms requesting a police dispatch which are found to be false. A partial fee of $84.75 ($75.00 + $9.75 HST) will be charged for a cancelled dispatch that is already enroute to your location.

What can I do to verify the security of my premises without alerting the police unnecessarily?

While the additional verification steps can help to keep your premises secure at all times, the possibility of triggering a false alarm is always present. Rather than risk the hassle or fees, trust Third Watch Protection Services instead.

Within the Greater Hamilton area, we offer business- and home-owners mobile security patrols to monitor your security and respond personally to any triggered alarms. In the event of an actual alarm situation, we will contact the local authorities and notify the alarm company of the situation — all at no extra charge.

If you are interested in a new security provider, Third Watch Protection Services is here to help protect your property. Call us today at 1-888-444-5232 or email mail@thirdwatchprotection.com. Let’s get started!