What Sets Third Watch Protection Services Apart From Competitive Security Providers?

Third Watch Protection Services is a Hamilton-based security provider, specializing in mobile patrols, CCTV, and on-site security management. We’re fully licensed per government standards and offer clients the assurance of a two-million-dollar liability insurance policy in the event of a serious security incident. What these facts mean for our clients is that we offer security services that you can trust — our knowledge, our licensing and up-to-date training, and government oversight translate directly into better quality security services at all times.

And while other companies in the area may claim to offer security on par with Third Watch Protection Services, many fail to meet our rigorous standards. Many companies also fail to over their clients the protection of a proper Security license or adequate insurance coverage, if any coverage at all.

Harnessing the advantages of a small business over a large conglomerate

You can rely on Third Watch as your next provider because being a small company, we can manage your business or residential buildings better than national or international companies. Large companies can lose sight of their customer service and offer very little personalized support when it comes to ensuring your business or residential buildings are secured from potential threats.

Offering contract takeovers at no added cost

As part of our takeover services, we also offer to match the same rate as your previous company — meaning you can obtain more satisfactory security without costing you extra hard-earned dollars.

What can you expect from Third Watch Protection Services

When one of our security personnel is working on your premises, they will be required to submit electronic daily activity reports at the end of each shift and if an incident occurs, then electronic incident reports will be submitted quickly to key stakeholders, including photos as required. The security personnel will be required to use electronic checkpoints through the interior and exterior of the property. As a client, you receive a checkpoint report to ensure that patrol is being conducted. Under the PSISA, we are required to keep a record of everything we do while on each site.

We will also conduct an unscheduled inspection on each shift to ensure that all security personnel are at their post and performing their duties as required by you. The mobile supervisor is required to submit an electronic Mobile Supervisor Inspection Report. When the report is completed, it will be reviewed by management and a copy of the report will be sent to you for your records.

Does Third Watch Protection Services offer a discount?

When your contract term is complete, you’ll then have the option to renew your contract with the company of your choice. For those who continue your services with Third Watch Protection, we offer a 5% discount or more on your annual fee for your first years’ renewal!

If you hire us as your next provider, you will not be disappointed. Contact us by phone at 1-888-444-5232 or by email at sales@thirdwatchprotection.com.