Concierge Security Services – Choosing the Right Partner For Your Building’s Daily Security

How frequently have you had problems with your concierge security not performing their duties properly? And are you frustrated with your current provider not doing nothing to resolve these issues?

Each condominium in the Greater Hamilton Area is considered its own small community and run in its own manner. However, what stays the same is the need to provide better safety to all residents and guests. If your current concierge security providers fail to provide this safety in any capacity on more than one occasion, you have a duty to your residents to act in their best interests to find a more qualified provider.

What duties can you expect your concierge to execute?

While on duty, your concierge should first and foremost maintain the security of your building at all times. This includes controlling access to the building, turning away unwelcome visitors, conducting routine patrols around the property and parking areas, and maintaining a log or daily report. If a problem arises, then the concierge must take actions to resolve it using their dedicated training. In the case of an emergency, the concierge must follow all emergency protocols.

While on duty, your concierge should at no point take naps, conduct non-work related tasks or ignore any safety protocols as situations arise on the property.

If a preventable security incident occurs, will your current or potential provider take full responsibility for the concierge actions?

If your security provider has failed in their duties in some capacity resulting in a security incident, an investigation should be conducted into the incident by either your internal board of directors, your security provider, or both. If it’s proven that your security provider is at fault, any liability and/or monetary losses should fall to them. However, not all security providers are prepared to resolve conflicts this way.

At Third Watch Protection Services, we strive to resolve conflicts as quickly and easily as possible for the sake of our clients. If our personnel has failed, then management has also failed to meet our client’s expectations and as such, we are fully prepared to take responsibility for the consequences.

This is our promise and guarantee to the Board of Directors and Property Management.

Third Watch Protection Services believes that each condominium has the right to feel safe and ensure that all concierge staff are performing their duties properly. We promise that our concierge security meets with your expectations.

We care about each of our clients and that communicate with our clients regularly to maintain a positive, open working relationship. We will schedule a monthly meeting and discuss any concerns that are brought forward from Security, including unscheduled visit to the guards either day or night. This will allow us to ensure that our guards are at their post and completing their duties effectively. On a quarterly basis, each of our concierge personnel will be evaluated by management. We are responsible to ensure that all our personnel are updated with client’s procedures. If one of our personnel should fail their evaluation, they will be trained further at our expense or released from their duties.

If you are interested in changing security providers or wish to keep the guards as a takeover from the other providers, we’re happy to work with you to develop a transition process ensuring your building’s security at all times. Please contact us today at 1-888-444-5232 or by email at and let us help you keep your Condominium protected!